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Become a great bartender with these drinks

One of the great attractions that most public places have with regard to customer service from bars, restaurants and even hotels, is based on the quality of drinks and cocktails that can be offered to the customer because this can do possible the return of the same for drinks. That is why if you are interested in working as a bartender or even learning how to prepare drinks to toast at gatherings with family and friends, you will understand that this is a job that requires knowledge about alcohol, the combination of fruit, whether sour or sweet, in a sip, what syrups do in drinks, etc. and that type of data that is necessary to know, even the amount of money that should be added.

So don’t worry if you are looking to learn how to prepare certain drinks, for today in this article we will show you a course that will help you prepare drinks that are exquisite to enjoy in any social environment. Where for all this knowledge you will not have to pay anything because it is free and it is through Udemy.

These over drinks will teach you the course

There are many points to learn through this course and that is why we make sure that below you understand each of the learning points that this course has so that you begin to be encouraged to take this course to make drinks as a bartender:

• Through the development of this course you are taught different techniques that are necessary to know for drinks such as: shake the drink, strain the drink (when the drink requires it), mix the drink, among other things.

• Through the development of this course you are taught how the different types of liquor / alcohol are, when each one can be used and which ones are best for drinks.

• Through the development of this course, you are taught to prepare in a professional manner specifically 7 drinks that are recognized and very famous, which you can make at any celebration, place and time.

With different aspects to learn with this drinks course, you can include starting to train yourself professionally so that you can have drinks that are up to any site. With this course you can start learning and then dedicate yourself to working as a bartender if you are looking for it.

Learn more about this bartender course

As we mentioned, a total of 7 drinks are taught that are usually highly requested and highly requested due to how easy they are to prepare and how excellent they are, to learn these drink recipes, each of the seven drinks has a video where you shows how the drinks are made.

In the same way, this course in the final part, has a PDF document that you can read and download since there are each and every one of the specifications that this recipe has. For this course it is necessary that you have a minimum age of 21 to be able to do it and at the same time that you have a juice press, a drink mixer and each one of the ingredients (drinks, syrups, even fruits) that is required in each one of the drinks that this course has so you can start recreating them and have much more practice.

In total, this course only lasts a short time for 30 minutes, that is, you can do it in a single day and thus you will complete this course satisfactorily.


As you will understand, in most of the discos, clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc., drinks provide a large profit margin, this is because when good quality drinks are offered that provide customers return every once they get the chance.

Being a bartender goes beyond just providing a good drink or good drinks to customers, but it is also a job that requires that there be and there is a consistent, respectful and attentive treatment towards each of the customers, that is why That is, if you don’t like to deal with the public or have long working hours, mostly on weekends, then this job will not be so suitable for you. But if, on the contrary, if you find motivation, you like the nightlife, you enjoy serving your public and customers in any environment, then this course will be very helpful for you so that you can begin to learn about the world of bartenders and how you can start preparing amazing drinks with this course.

Before we conclude with this article, we finish by wishing that you can obtain all the training of this course and complete it in an optimal way since you can do it from anywhere in the world at any time you can. In the same way with this brief reminder we mention that you can share this entire article so that the information about this course on how to prepare drinks and drinks