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Create, sell and get involved in the world of NFTS

It is likely that more than once you have heard that NFT is called, but what is it really? Why does it generate so much commotion in society today?

Well, the answer is very simple and it is that this is a method in which you can earn money online (and in amounts with many digits) and this is because each NFT is unique and cannot be replaced or copied and therefore that makes them have so much value as they are original pieces in their entirety, the NFT can be from a photograph, a gif or a very short video, which depending on the theme, style or what it is about can generate millionaire amounts from anywhere in the world.

NFTs are a very broad and important topic to know and take into account for that reason this article is dedicated to you being able to learn about this topic thanks to a course (100% free) that the Udemy page provides you with just by registering at their web page, so be encouraged to learn about what NFTs are, how you can create them but even better how you can sell them and generate a lot of money thanks to this course.

Learn about NFTs

NFTs have become a sensation, but nevertheless this continues to be a subject of total ignorance for millions of people because they have not given themselves the time or the opportunity to know that this is a business where money increases and increases. offers much more for having the best NFTs that are innovative, new and that each one has its own originality.

Despite the large amount of money that is being created with NFTs, this type of investment is very varied because, as we mentioned, this ranges from the point of images to various videos.

But if you don’t even know how to create NFTs or much less how you can sell them on the internet, don’t worry, that’s what this free Udemy course is for. This course has at your disposal a lot of information material that will make you know about what NFTs are and what you can generate with them, where the

duration of this course in total is one hour and thirty-one minutes of its duration for be completed.

What is learned with this NFT course

The greatest attraction of this course is the large number of things that you will be able to learn and take into account when completing this course, as simple as:

• When you finish this course you will be able to create your own NFT (practically for free) with just a few minutes of your time.

• By the end of this course you will be aware of how NFTs can and are sold through the OpenSea and AtomicHub platforms.

• When you finish this course you will be able to know how the chain of blocks that NFTs manage and have actually works.

• When you finish this course you will be aware of the history of NFTs and what is planned for their future in the world.

This course is really very good and this shows by itself since the people who have participated in this free course (which have been twenty-two thousand one hundred and thirty-four people) have managed to rate this course with a total of 4.4 stars in where the maximum rating is 5 stars by the Udemy platform.

For this course, a total of 15 study sessions or sections are carried out, which together store a total of 22 classes that take place in the estimated time that we have mentioned.

In this course the content has several points where they participate / find the following points:

• What is the future of NFTs.

• About what really gives a high value to the NFT.

• On the basic fundamentals of the blockchain for NFTs.

• On the basic things to know about NFTs.

• About the markets where NFTs are counted and sold in the world.

• On the history behind NFTs.

• About how the Ether cryptocurrency is involved to transfer to the MetaMask wallets.

• Among other points that the content of this free course has.

Take the opportunity to write one of those thousands of people who have taken this course and have been able to create their NFTs to sell them in the corresponding markets to exercise this purchase – sale of NFTs. Link:

We finish this article but not before hoping that all this information provided throughout this article is information that allows you to be aware of how the process is to create an NFT and how they can sell them (which in the end is the reason why they are made) since as you could read in this entire article, this course is free but what it offers you is a unique amount of learning and training in which you can start today so that you learn many more and sooner.

On the other hand, we also want to remind you that you can spread this same article and help generate much more dissemination of this article and therefore many more people who are interested in knowing about this course other than the NFT and selling them can access this same article created with the purpose of letting you know such an incredible course that you only find it with the platform of Udemy.