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Do your marketing professionally on WhatsApp

At present, the WhatsApp application is an application that is mostly known to be used for sending messages, making calls / video calls, sending voice audio and other communication methods. However, the WhatsApp application covers much more and helps you to be able to carry out marketing in this application at no cost, this is because there are several strategies such as the publication of images or what the application calls “states” they help much to generate good marketing.

If you are looking to learn how to generate marketing and advertising campaigns to be applied on WhatsApp, do not worry because for a comfortable fee on the Udemy website, you can learn how to become an expert in marketing and use the tools your favor through this WhatsApp application.

About WhatsApp marketing you will know this

The first point to highlight about this course is that it is a paid course. This course to learn to master WhatsApp to apply advertising or marketing is equal to $19.99 (dollars), however, if you did not like this course or you did not feel that you had learned it, you can request a refund since you pay there is a 30-day guarantee, that is, a month to recover the money if you wish.

Now, speaking from the point of view of the things that this course has to learn throughout its development, we find that these things are:

• The creation of your own Chat Bot is understood and carried out, without the need for any prior experience with coding. This point is one of the most beneficial to learn in this course, this is because a Bot facilitates a lot of time for the attention to the public through this application without having to dedicate yourself to each conversation.

• It is understood and understood what it is and how it is fully scoped in the possibilities that marketing has and everything that can be done to generate it on WhatsApp.

• It is understood what the difference is through the versions of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

• It is understood and known about many opportunities that are generated through the API that WhatsApp has.

To complete this course there are very simple requirements, more than having the necessary curiosity to be able to learn from this course and having any electronic device that is connected to a good WiFi. We recommend you take this course from a PC or Macbook.

Interesting facts about this course

With the payment of $19.99, the following aspects are included in this WhatsApp marketing course:

• You can enjoy and have unlimited access to this course as many times as you want for life since this course is paid.

• With this course you will be included a total of 1.5 hours of video on a low demand.

• At the end of this course, as it is a paid course, you will obtain a digital certification of how you did this course and also with this certificate you can demonstrate your knowledge and add it to your resume.

• With this paid course you can enjoy access from phones, tablets, computers and any other device.

It is really essential that at the time of doing this course you have a good internet connection since otherwise it can generate different interruptions in the course and therefore make it difficult for you to study it.

From the website of this course by Udemy, you are informed of the payment facilities and how you can cancel this import course wherever you are.


In WhatsApp, the sale and purchase of thousands of products is carried out daily, where this is applied through text chat and voice messages that facilitate communication through this application. Although many people use it for the sole purpose of communication, this application can be used a lot to apply the marketing or advertising of what you want or have to sell or offer to many people.

Today, the applications provide different strategies where advertising / marketing comes to the surface and produces a business with the ease of not having to be physically there to sell something, so that is why this course is considered price puts at your disposal the power to make it possible to master marketing strategies to earn more money.

We hope that you have managed to obtain the information you were looking for, since in this way you will be able to master and facilitate many forms of marketing through this application with the help and learning of this course.

We end this article by reminding you that if you have been interested in this information and you can spread it and generate more dissemination and more interested people become interested in this course on paid Udemy.