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Learning new things is one of the things that you will always take with you wherever you go, becoming an advantage in certain situations. Thousands of people choose to obtain this knowledge through courses on different topics of their liking and transform what they have learned into their lifestyle.

Among the different types of most sought-after courses is the electricity course, which leads you to perform a practical job, requiring you to use your brain, thus being a perfect option for those who are interested in technical areas and are looking for a intellectual challenge. This type of profession is made for those who want to be out of an office.

Given that the work of an electrician can be complex and dangerous, it is necessary for the person to receive adequate training in each important aspect that electricity covers, to guarantee a good result and ensure the safety of those involved.

In Australia, an electrician can have an approximate salary of $69,000 per year and according to studies the future of the sector may be better, increasing demand during the next five years, with fairly low unemployment statistics in the electricity industry. These types of jobs are available in most parts of Australia and most vacancies are full time.
Below we will show you what this course is about and where you can study it if you are in Australia.


The electrician is trained to work with circuit boards, wiring and electronics. The main task of his profession is based on testing and installing new systems, diagnosing and repairing electrical faults, maintaining electronic systems and equipment in commercial, industrial and domestic environments. They are also prepared to work on electrical transmission and distribution equipment. They have the knowledge to handle a variety of power and hand tools to do their jobs, which can include saws and drills, wire strippers, and diagnostic equipment, making them indispensable to their field of work.

Other more complex approaches to this profession are involved with electrical engineering, which involves working on larger-scale and more delicate tasks such as security systems, video cabling, Internet access, communications systems, and business systems where cabling is an issue. characteristic.


There is no mandatory skill to be able to start in the world of electricity, because at the time of doing the course, all your skills will be developed and thus you will adapt to work. However, it is recommended that you pay attention to the use of certain qualities that can give you an advantage in this profession such as logical and sensible thinking, hazard assessment, good eyesight, patience and attention to detail, tolerance and hard work. good as a team.

Another point that would be advantageous to have in this case is knowledge about circuits, electricity and how everything works to maintain safety. It would also not hurt if you have an analytical mind to detect failures. Since this type of work is potentially risky, you must follow the techniques you learn, as well as the health and safety protocols, otherwise you could be prone to accidents.


In Australia there are a variety of fields where electricians can work such as construction, manufacturing, water and power supply, transport and storage, minerals, mining, retail, business electronics servicing and domestic; all of this can be done independently or hired by a company. Just as others have the option of joining government organizations.

Without a doubt, the latest technological developments in different areas such as data communication indicate that the electrical industry will continue to advance and there are even many job opportunities in the renewable energy sector as an electrician and installing and designing solar energy systems.


When it comes to being an electrician in Australia, the student must complete their apprenticeship to become an electrician in Australia. There are no fixed learning requirements as everything will depend on the focus of the course. It may be advisable to enroll in a Certificate II course in Electrotechnology, as this is the best way to find out if becoming an electrician is a suitable career for you.

In any case, there are infinite academies and institutions that offer electricity courses focused on different fields and sectors, so that each course is specialized in what the student wants. Here is a list of some that may interest you if you are in Australia:

-Melbourne Polytechnic.

-Competency Training.

-Electrical Trades College.

-Engineering Institute of Technology

-IDC Technologies.

-Pathway to Aus.

-Electrical Courses Perth.