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Elevate your drawing skills by creating cartoons and their sketches

Cartoons have been around for many years, so much so that they have been part of childhood for many generations where cartoons have been a center of entertainment. But cartoons can be about anything, you won’t necessarily need to imagine characters to animate them, but anything around you can become an animated character and that’s how inspiration and creativity never end.

But if you want to be able to explore your side of creativity in conjunction with the art of drawing, this article will be the solution for you because we explain about a course on Udemy (courses website) that has a specifically free course dedicated to drawing cartoons and for you to learn to make your sketches and other points.

All this you will learn from this course

The social impact that cartoons have had has been mostly for children, despite the fact that this type of art has also emerged for more adult people. This course is the opportunity you need to learn to develop yourself in this area, in which this course provides you with information on:

• This course provides you with information so that you can begin to make animated drawings from your imagination.

That is the starting point / objective that this course has raised, since really, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, any object, thing, animal or person can be an animated character and that will depend on your criteria. you would like to animate or if you want to apply the knowledge that this course gives you to implement them in cartoons that come totally from your imagination and your creativity with the objects you want.

In this course you do not need to belong to a drawing group or have previous drawing experience, what is specified is that sheets and pencils are required, whether they are colored or the ones you most prefer so that the drawings can be made. On the other hand, this course will also be very helpful for you if you are a very creative person, since for this type of cartoon and in general, this ability to have many ideas and creativity is necessary.

This course guides a lot so that the sermons can make the drawings with a really own style regardless of the fantasy and without any limits, since this course contributes to generating more creativity in the people who decide to take this free Udemy course.

Some general information about this course and its registration

Some of the general data of this course that we can highlight is that it is a course that has an excellent rating, having said that, its respective rating is equivalent to four stars.

This course specifies how to draw the eyes, the lips, the faces, the heads, the eyebrows, the hair and all the characteristics that you want to highlight in a cartoon, where there are a total of 10 classes where they are explained to you. all the ways in which the different parts of the character or cartoon are drawn.

Although we have mentioned that you only need paper and pencils, it is necessary that you also have a good WiFi connection since from this platform you will be taught by viewing and listening to videos in each of these classes where the step by step in each class. And we also recommend that if you have a computer at hand, you take the course from there since it will be more comfortable to watch the videos and draw as you are taught.

You can learn more about the content of the courses when accessing their website and enrolling in the course.


Everything in this course to learn how to render cartoons of different people or figures is very simple and easy to access, from the education received in this course to registering for this course. Udemy has really made sure that this course is functional for all the people who want to take it and have no problems registering, since it is a process that can take less than two minutes and you would be ready to start this drawing course cartoons and cartoon sketches.

However, as has been noted, the course is free, but it does not skimp on the education that is offered to you, since it is of the highest quality with respect to the sketches of a drawing, the cartoons, and the other points of which we have noted in this article.

That is why we end this article, not without first wishing that this article has been as clear as possible so that you understand what this course is about and everything you will obtain by completing it.

We remind you that as this article has been of benefit / use to you, it can also be for someone else and for this same reason, do not forget that you can spread this article about the cartoon course and its sketches on Udemy.