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Get skills with the fundamentals to lead, manage and negotiate with this free course

Have the opportunity to know different fundamentals that make up leadership, in business and in administration through the following course which we will be teaching you in this article so that you learn and can develop in the areas that we have mentioned before. This knowledge will be very helpful for many people who are dedicated to business or entrepreneurship, this means that many skills can be obtained and acquired through this course that you can take at any time and for free through the Udemy platform, today you we explain more about this course of Udemy.

Learn how to lead / manage and negotiate

Through this course you can get a deep learning in many areas of work, but it is focused that you can learn and above all dominate in the following six areas of study:

• That you can master what psychology is and use it for influence and persuasion.

• So that you can give a perfect delivery tone.

• To be able to break different areas. This refers to ending habits that are not as productive and cause you to burn out.

• To develop important skills such as confidence to be able to speak in public no matter how many people you are talking to.

• To be able to have proper management and control of what reputation is.

• That you can improve, elevate and provide all the sales skills that therefore make you generate more.

This course is quite specific with its requirements and it makes it clear on its website that you do not need specific requirements, just have the will and desire to learn so that you can improve not only professionally but also personally, since by Being able to develop speaking and public speaking skills

means that you can personally become a more developed and self-confident person every time you have an audience in front of you.

Details of this free course

This is a course in which The Expert Academy is involved, so that this course can offer you good training and education regarding the study plans that make up this course.

Where this course is divided into exactly 50 classes, all this to result in a total of two hours of duration for about six sections.

The six sections are the areas that we mentioned to you about what you are going to learn, and each of those sections involves the following points of study:

• Part of psychology: Some seven drivers are studied in psychology, such as interpreting/reading body language, how the most difficult people are managed from a smile, how relationships can be managed and improved, first impressions, among others.

• The part of the perfect tone: It is studied how to say what people want to hear, how to have a concise topic, how to solve problems, the steps to have an adequate tone, among others.

• The part of breaking habits: It is studied how it is to break the habits of the situation, to break the habit by Nano – change, among others.

• The public speaking part: It is studied how to decide the results, what people want to hear, evaluate or analyze the audience, the objectives, how you can control your nerves, how you can speak like a more professional person as the presentation helps, among others.

• The reputation part: It is studied how to recognize reputation risks, positive actions, being the best, monitoring and alerting reputation, how to manage reputation, among others.

• The sales part: The question that kills sales is studied, how sales are made without sounding or seeming like a salesperson, the importance of establishing customer expectations, what is the relationship between price and value of something, about how it is sold in the long term and how to be recommended,

what it really means or is the expression of win-win, how to prepare for objections that may arise, among others.

As you can see, this course handles a wide range of topics that will not only give you greater value as a professional but also to apply certain things personally.


We hope that all this information that we have compiled throughout this article makes it possible for you to study and take this course today if you wish to take it, since this is a course that is available that you will only need an electronic device such as a laptop or cell phone that has a connection to this course for you to take the Lead, Manage, and Negotiate course through Udemy.