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Go from being a beginner to editing videos like a pro

Regardless of what is recorded, a large part of the time an edition is needed since this can generate a change and a complete improvement in the video. An example of this would be in movies, where the scenes are recorded first but in post production aspects, effects, editing, sounds are generated that cannot be made at the time of recording. Video editing is also very helpful when we find ourselves in the situation of having recorded a situation that will not be repeated and comes up with an error that can be modified in the edition, however and regardless of the case for which you need to learn to edit, today this article teaches you where you can learn to edit for free.

That’s right, you will not have to pay anything for this free course that Udemy has available to teach you how to edit videos if you are a beginner on the subject, so we invite you to continue reading this article and learn about this course in Udemy.

This is what you will learn about editing videos in this course

Video editing is very complex, as we mentioned, video editing can cover multiple areas such as sound editing, image editing, quality editing, among others. But so that you take into account what you will get to know with this course, we will be detailing it below:

• You will be knowing how to edit from the beginning of a video to the end of it with any software dedicated to video editing.

• You will be learning about all the part of the theory that involves knowing when editing a video.

• You will be learning what codecs are in a video.

• You will be getting to know the history of video editing in general.

• You will be learning about the various and different concepts that are basic in video editing applications.

Those are some of the points that are developed in the course that we are talking about, but in a general way you will learn about other aspects of video editing that will make you stop being a beginner to have true and correct notions of how it is the editing of the videos and even the story behind the editing in the videos.

Details of this course for video editing

Regarding the subject of the other general data that this course has, it is that it has four heating stars and this Udemy online course has been taken by 35,787 (thirty-five thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven) people from different countries .

This course handles a content in relation to the purpose that you can learn and know the points that have been mentioned before. Among its content we find the following topics to know and study about video editing:

• 5 tips or tricks to be an organized person when editing a video.

• The 5 steps that must be followed when editing a video.

• It tells about what the screen formats are.

• What is the difference between video editing software and which ones are recommended to choose or use.

• How text is used to edit a video.

• There is an introduction for you to learn about the course.

• There is also a conclusion of the course when you finish this course.

Among the requirements that this course has stipulated for you to be able to do it, is that apart from having the disposition and good attitude to start this course, it is necessary that you find the device (computer) in which you can download a software of edition, although it is not specified in the course which software it should be.


Editing videos is the part that professionally is known as post production and regardless of the modality in which you need to edit video as from a professional point of view for work or hobby and learn. The editing of the videos gives you the intention that you are looking to obtain, the desired results, the quality and effects we plan among other points, for that reason if it is just as important as the recording of which since with the help of editing you can manages to do what he thought.

So that we can conclude with this article, we would like to say goodbye with the hope that this article has achieved its purpose, which is that you take this course so that you learn video editing so that you can use it for the purposes that you consider appropriate. In the same way, remember that this article can help more people learn about this Udemy course, so don’t forget that you can spread the word about this article and share it at any time.