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Any discipline to be exercised professionally requires quality academic training and thus ensure good results. Every day people are more interested in taking courses with valuable content that helps them perform in the trades of their choice.

Interior design is not exempt from these trades that require education, which is why thousands of people have been encouraged to study it and use it in their lives, either in the workplace or in any area of ​​their lives that deserves it. This has to do with spaces and how we experience them, as they are an essential part of our daily lives and influence the way we live, work, play and even heal.

It’s important to keep homes full of comfort, pleasant workplaces, and beautiful public spaces. Education is the best option to gain the skills needed to be successful and in the growing culture that embraces design more and more, a course gives them the necessary accreditation to compete and attract the attention of potential clients. If we focus on Australia, we will be able to see that there are currently countless academies dedicated to teaching interior design courses, so below we will explain a little about the purpose of this course and where you can study it.


Interior design is about the integral design of the internal spaces that make up a house or other establishments such as public institutions, companies or a temporary space, such as a stand. In this profession, the person in charge must be able to achieve a functional design that combines the use of spaces, use of available resources, different shapes, colors and an appropriate aesthetic.


The Interior Designer must be in charge of achieving a positive result by adhering to three aspects of the interior space, which are comfort, functional aspect and aesthetics. To balance this, you must combine variables such as shapes, textures, colors, furniture, lighting, among others. Through this balance of elements available to the designer, the internal space will be given a characteristic that identifies the professional.

It should be noted that although this is his main job, the designer is trained to carry out different tasks, such as collaboration in the creation of plans of internal spaces of a new building, making modifications that help the functionality of the interior space of constructions in process or giving aesthetic advice for decorative coatings, when it comes to the finishing details of a construction.


If you consider that you are passionate about design, that you have the ability to create beautiful things in the decoration of any environment, and you manage to leave your mark and your personality in your work, it is time for you to take the course without thinking about it, so you can adapt your I work with the resources you have, generating with them a result that is pleasing to the eye and, above all, functional.

This is one of the most sought after courses in recent years, which has increased the demand for study, the quality of the courses and job opportunities. This is one of the areas of design that gives you more knowledge, so the work field is usually broader and can focus on different aspects. Job opportunities are quite high, allowing you to get a good income and recognition for different places where you work. It is important to know that many interior designers have achieved success in this profession through self-employment, rather than working for companies.


These types of courses are usually very complete, with varied content but focused on all the areas covered by interior design. Some of the subjects that you will generally find during the course are:

Technical Drawing, Space Design, Geometry, History of Architecture and Design, Interior Decoration, Materials and Finishes, Furniture Design, Installations, Budgets, Construction Legislation, Design of green spaces, etc.

It should be noted that they also teach you to use different applications and digital tools that are consistent with the work to be carried out, facilitating the visualization and organization of your spaces.


Thanks to the great demand for this discipline in Australia, many institutions have been willing to teach interior design courses, to adequately train applicants for the profession. The advantage of the number of academies is that they have different modalities, either online or face-to-face, which facilitates the acquisition of the course.

Below you can see a list of some universities and academies that can help you if you live in Australia:

Queensland University of Technology.

TAFE South Australia.

Sydney University of Technology.

Deakin University.

University of Tasmania.

Interior Design Institute.

Judith Molyneux: Interior Décor and Design Courses.