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Know all the basics in real estate

Real estate is made up of several fundamentals that are essential to understand this business that is found around the world. More specifically, real estate is properties that are also called real estate that encompasses a large number of this type of property, such as: houses, apartments, offices, among others, where this type of property is generally called real estate properties that belong to a jurisdiction and are immobile.

If you are interested in knowing more about real estate, today this article will specifically detail you in progress to learn about the fundamentals of real estate, of which understanding is necessary and fundamental so that you can know them correctly. This course on the fundamentals of real estate is free and is taken online directly on the Udemy page.

These are the lessons of this course

This course of the fundamentals of real estate, is a course that handles different points of study where four fundamentals are treated, which are:

• The rationale for searching for real estate.

• The rationale for financing real estate.

• The rationale for fixing the goods.

• The rationale for flipping/doing the sale of real estate.

In this order, the real estate business is carried out since, as you will understand, first you search and choose, then you proceed to make the purchase, proceed to fix the real estate or the property if necessary, and finally the sale is established with a customer or with a company depending on what is being sold.

This course has its well-defined objectives about the learning that you are going to obtain when taking this course, these learning points when completing this course are:

• Learning where to find your first offers on real estate.

• Learning how you can start financing your flips.

• Learning how to evaluate channels and how are the best areas to be able to buy and sell some type of real estate or property.

Fortunately for you who are interested in learning about real estate, this is a course that can be done by all the sermons who feel interested in this topic and this business since no information or having any type of previous education is required to be able to complete this free and online course that Udemy has.

Details and general data of this course

Pointing out the general data that make up this course of the fundamentals in real estate, this is a course that has good reviews since in the average rating it has managed to gather this course is 4.4 stars and good reviews that are observed on this course page.

On the other hand, its duration is developed in a total of 5 hours and 16 minutes, therefore it can be deduced that it is not a course to take normally in a single day that in several days you can complete the classes / lessons that this course has grade. Von regarding the classes, this course only 28 classes and two sections.

If you are interested in being aware of the content found in this course to determine what you will be studying, you can find it on the web page of this course and from its web page the registration is made directly and you can start, pause and finish the course at the time you select to do so, since the Udemy platform is always open and available for you to access. We recommend connecting to a stable WiFi network that allows you to develop the course continuously without pause.


Real estate is a business that with sufficient knowledge will allow you to consolidate your own profitable business, with the facilities of being able to make a profit in this economic market no matter where you are or where you are going to carry out this type of business, even if you What varies is the type of property or real estate that is going to be sold and its area, since according to different areas we can find different prices in profits.

All the people who wish can participate in this course and begin to learn about what real estate is and how they can have a life full of the lucrative aspects that this can generate.

Before we finish this article, we want you to have an understanding of what this course is and how to provide you with educational support that can ultimately be used for economic purposes in your professional life. On the other hand, we also wish that you manage to spread this information and the article in general, which will generate that many other people take this course into account to carry it out and apply it.