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Learn about digital marketing in this free course

Marketing of any kind is essential for brands, for companies and even for small businesses since it depends on this that they have the visibility that is needed to be able to attract the point that is necessary and provide them with the service or products that they want. In this case, we do not find ourselves talking about what digital marketing is, which is very strong and powerful through social networks, since it is where millions of people connect daily and manage to buy many things, if you If you are interested or looking to learn about what digital marketing is and especially how it can be applied, today in this article we present a course that can do that for you.

In addition to the fact that the course we are talking about is done virtually (at the time and schedule that you wish to stipulate) it is a free course where all your learning is free since you have nothing. This course is provided by the course platform (free courses and paid courses) called Udemy.


The marketing classes of this course

The content of this digital marketing course is in a total of 5 classes that are dedicated to teaching you about what the term SEO is, about what marketing is from social networks, marketing specifically in the social application of Facebook, the term of SEM, among many other topics.

But this course sets the standard from the moment that it is a course designed to last a total of forty-seven (47) minutes, that is, it will not take even an hour of your time to be able to take this course that will give you a learning and exceptional knowledge for you to apply in marketing.

In these classes the contents are various and that is why we mention them here for you to take into account:

• An introduction to what digital marketing is.

• What are the components that are present in digital marketing.

• Digital marketing from social networks.

• The marketing search team.

• Optimization for the marketing team.

Among the requirements are several specified for this course, such as: having an appropriate connection to a stable WiFi, having a computer / cell phone / tablet / laptop available where you can take this course, it is necessary that you have the curiosity and desire enough to learn about digital marketing so that you learn with greater enthusiasm and have better results, if you do not have previous experience in what digital marketing is, do not worry since it is not a requirement and finally it is essential (but not mandatory) that You have a profile on the Facebook social network so that you can access the social network.

What you will learn at the end of this course

Fortunately, there are many points that you have to learn this course on digital marketing, but so that you take into account what are the main things that will be learned or that you will be able to know at the end of this course, we will mention them below:

• Several of the components that are present in digital marketing.

• The foundations that the search and optimization team has for digital marketing, this is what SEO knows.

• About what marketing really is and why marketing is so important.

• The special things that make up SEO for digital marketing.

• The basics of marketing in common social networks like Facebook and also Instagram.

• About tools that help and support the search for things through secret words.

• How pages or websites can be promoted more strongly.

• Among other things that can be learned.


With everything that we have mentioned in this article, it is clear that digital marketing is a very broad topic and that in turn you can exercise it in the ways that you like the most or that work best for you.

We hope that all this information that we have detailed regarding the digital marketing course thanks to the Udemy platform that makes it free has been helpful to you, all with the aim that you can boost advertising (of basically any coda that you want) in a free way through this platform, since with this you will be very helpful in each project that needs to have the visibility of the public to which you are addressing or need.

Also on the other hand, remember that you yourself can share this information and let many other people know about this digital marketing course through the Udemy platform at the time of day you prefer, so support the dissemination of this article and share it for yourself.