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Learn how to design simple apps for Android

As you have read, from today you can start learning how to design applications for Android phones and devices with all the information in this article. Every day, people with a cell phone access hundreds of applications or use a large number of them, where the applications are determined for certain specific tasks or objectives, so if today you are looking for how to learn to develop yourself some application for Android, in this article we explain how.

Today in this article we explain about a course that is found by Udemy, which is a course site on the internet and currently they have this course available for the development, design and creation of basic applications only for Android for free with the which you will only need to register on the Udemy page you will have access to this free course.

What you will learn from design

Before you know everything that this application design course is, we mention that the requirements for you to do this course is that you must absolutely know how Java works and how to write the codes in Java. It is also necessary to download a specific software for Android (the specifications to download this software can be found on the page of this course in the requirements section)

On the other hand, this course acts as an aid so that you can expand your previous knowledge in Java that will allow you to have a good development in the application that you want and you also need (to enter Udemy) some electronic device with a connection to a network of Wifi, we recommend that you use an optimal Wifi connection so that you can view and view this course without problems.

Now talking about the things you can learn in this course, we show you below:

• You know how to use Android emulators.

• You know how to use Android Studio and all the functions that this Studio has in Android.

• You know how to sign, export and debug an application that is for Android.

• You know how to develop applications with different tools that you can use from Android Studio that are available.

Those are the main points to learn through this course, but there are other things that you will be learning throughout the development that this Udemy course has for you and the people who already know about Java. In other words, before you can choose to do it, you must inform yourself about how Java is and how it works and then you will be able to complete this course, otherwise not because you will not understand what is being talked about.

General information points of this course

You will need to take a total of more than two hours of dedication to be able to complete this course. Those behind the teaching of this course is Sk2 Tutorials, where they have dedicated the time so that you can learn about the activities that we have mentioned before for the development and creation that is carried out for an application dedicated to Android devices.

This is a course for you to carry out professional training regarding Android applications, therefore it is also ideal that it be a programmer who is generally already accustomed to handling Java development and how to write said codes in it.

In the course it is specified that if you have not understood any point explained, repeat the video until you understand what it is about because or else you will not advance correctly.


Designing applications is becoming an easier process and this is due to the fact that people are getting closer or have more reach to the different devices and electronic artifacts that help make the creation of applications possible.

In the same way, although this course separates people who are beginners and have just begun to learn about Android data, as we mentioned, knowledge (even basic/minimal) of Java development is necessary so that so your previous knowledge manages to be in a state of expansion and you manage to dominate more the subject of the development, design and creation of applications.

Once we are in this final part of this article, we hope that all the information that we have compiled regarding this course to design applications specifically for Android mobile devices, has been of benefit and necessary utility for you to complete this course and be part of the development of simple and functional mobile applications.

Remember that you can spread this same information that you have read to help generate much more knowledge regarding this course that Udemy makes available.