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Learn how to make vlogs for Youtube from this course

We are in the era in which the greatest number of things are done digitally and with this many forms of communication have emerged, through many applications people connect and make themselves known. Thanks to this, it has emerged and become popular to make blogs that are a kind of videos that are made on a daily basis and that are mostly posted in the application to play YouTube videos.

So if you are interested in making blogs or knowing how they are made, today we will be showing you a course that is already available on the Udemy platform so that you can take this course on how to learn to make blogs for YouTube from the advice provided by the instructor who has been making more than 1,200 vlogs continuously.

The description of this course

This course, despite the fact that it lasts just over an hour in total, in a course that is special since you are taught 28 exact tips so that you can take this course on how you can make videos / blogs that are dedicated to the YouTube application. although you can use those same videos to hang us or upload them to other social media applications.

So that you already have in mind what are the 28 tips that this course has, we list them right here:

• Tip #1: Follow your dreams.

• Tip #2: Learn how you can deal with comments that are negative.

• Tip #3: Be a transparent person.

• Tip #4 and #5: Don’t try to be a perfectionist 1 – 2.

• Tip #6: Use words to make transitions.

• Tip #7: Being an authentic person.

• Tip # 8: What is the inspiration to record blogs.

• Tip # 9: Don’t try to be a perfectionist 3.

• Tip #10: How your style develops.

• Tip #11: How you can remove write lock.

• Tip # 12: How you can feel comfortable on camera.

• Tip # 13: What is to reuse the content.

• Tip # 14: The programming to publish the videos.

• Tip # 15: How to register your signature for Youtube videos.

• Tip #16: End Screens, Youtube Cards, and the TubeBuddy.

• Tip # 17: How to avoid lawsuits.

• Tip #18: How sponsorship deals are disclosed.

• Tip # 19: The help that subtitles add and how to add them.

• Tip # 20: How to complete the description field of the video.

• Tip #21: Outsource editing and thumbnails.

• Tip # 22: How challenges are launched when blogging.

• Tip #23: This tip is about the fact that when one person teaches, two learn.

• Tip # 24: Multitasking and adding images, music and videos.

• Tip #25 and #26: Make your mistakes 1 – 2 public.

• Tip # 27: Take advantage and write a book that changes your life.

• Tip #28: Make your idols in the videos your rivals.

This course is a course that has an excellent rating of about 4.6 stars out of five stars.

Requirements and data of the course

For this course there are no specific requirements other than that you want to take this course, where you will only need to have a Wi-Fi connection and a computer so that you can access the course on the Udemy platform. This course is also not directed towards a specific audience or niche but for all the people who are interested in the concept of this course and can access the Udemy page.

This course is stipulated to last a total of one hour and twelve minutes, which has 29 classes in total and 7 sections. But this course is different because it specifically handles 28 tips that will be useful for you to be able to blog, a number of tips that are made in the time that we mentioned for those 29 classes of duration.

You should also take into account that making blogs for YouTube in the long term can be profitable and live from it because that way you manage to monetize each of the blogs you make.


If you have reached this point in the article, it is because you are ultimately interested in taking this course to learn how to blog for the YouTube video playback application, then access the one that, as we remind you, is a free course and a course that you take from anywhere and at any time without having to pay an amount of money for it. Finally, we also want to remind you that you can make this article more widely available so that this information reaches many other people who are interested in this information.