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Learn the basics of Photoshop for free

Millions of photos are taken every day, although many of those photos can have aesthetic arrangements that will certainly make them look better, that is why there is the Photoshop tool, which is dedicated to providing you with various options on how you can edit and improve the quality and visual presence of your photographs, so if you are interested in learning about Photoshop, as we mentioned in the title of this article, we not only talk about a great Photoshop course, but you can also do it online / virtual and at the same time it is free.

All this in case you are interested in what photo editing is or you want to dedicate yourself to it, you can do it by applying these fundamentals that this free Udemy course teaches you to apply in the Photoshop application.

Learning in this course

This Photoshop course is designed so that you can mainly in this course understand that:

• That you can learn about what it is to fully navigate/use the digital painting tools that the Photoshop application has available so that you can edit the photographs.

This course is designed so that you can study in videos, where there are no specific requirements other than the desire and desire to want to learn the fundamentals and basic parts of Photoshop.

This Photoshop course is not specifically aimed at a specific group of people, only if you really want to take this course you can do it and you can access it at any time you want.

More information about this course

The Photoshop course that this Udemy platform has is a course in which you will be studying for a total of 38 minutes. This is because it has three sections and between those three sections there are a total of six classes, as you can see it is a course that you can take at any time and on any day that will not take you a single hour in complete.

Do not be intimidated by how difficult it can be to use Photoshop, because you can have this support for free, you will be able to establish the knowledge so that you know all those tools and the functions that this application and software have. It is necessary that you take into account that this Photoshop painting course will make it possible for you to master it and do it in a way with more practice.

The sections found in this course are the section of the welcome to the course, the basic operations regarding to use in the application that has Photoshop and about a compilation of the entire course on the things studied in this Photoshop course.

This illustration/painting course primarily in the Photoshop application is a very crowded course where there are over 116,000 (one hundred and sixteen thousand) people who have joined us to complete this course. At the same time, it has an excellent number of stars in all its reviews, which makes it possible to accumulate a score of 4.5 stars in a total of 5 stars.

The same from their website, you can find a video that refers to everything that this course covers so that you can have a preview and a well-structured idea in your mind of what this course is going to cover. On the other hand, despite the fact that this course is very short and that although it is true that you can complete it in just one day, you can divide these sections into several days or parts so that you do not have to complete it in an overwhelming or exhausting way in a only days.

In order to take this course you will only need to create an account on the Udemy page or log in to this course if you have already taken courses on this Udemy platform, which is open at any time so that you do not have a rigid set schedule.


We have already reached the end of this article and we hope that you have managed to have the information that is necessary to be able to take this Photoshop course that the Udemy platform has available for you. As we have told you in this article, this course is simply a very complete course full of learning willing to be on this platform so that you can do it, do not forget that you can also share this information that will make many people be in this online course to do it from home or wherever you are without a specific time.