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Learn to manage YouTube to live on it

On YouTube there is the possibility of being able to plan and work in a feasible way from different locations in the world since there are many ways in which videos can be monetized according to the number of people who reproduce content. YouTube has been and is a platform / social network that millions of people enjoy daily since it can be accessed freely and for free from its application or from the internet without having to pay, even though it has a paid YouTube application, millions of people consume the material without the need or obligation to pay for it.

Now, there are millions of people who reach millions of views or less and you can make money with that, so today in this article we show you a free course on Udemy so you know how to grow your YouTube channel, how to start earning money and many other things.

Learning points about YouTube

Thisfree course on Udemy that is carried out in order for you to know more about YouTube, is a course that proposes and promises you with several objectives to highlight in which the fact of:

• That with this course you will know what are the factors or causes that can affect the amount of money you can earn with YouTube.

• That with this course you will know how to understand exactly how the way in which the YouTube platform is monetized works.

• That with this course you will know how to increase the number of people you can follow.

• That with this course you will know what the steps are so that you can have a considerable economic income from the YouTube platform.

Apart from these points, many more are learned but in reality these are the main knowledge points with which this course is made up to be able to monetize from YouTube and work full time without having to have a boss or specific schedule in Offices.

Details of this course

As part of the details that this course has, there are several, either from the duration to the requirements, for that reason we explain these details and others that may be of interest to you:

• The scheduled duration of the course to earn money on YouTube: In order to complete this course in its entirety, you need to dedicate 1 hour and thirty-nine minutes, however, you do not have to complete this course in a single opportunity since you can split this course over several days if you have little free time.

• The requirements that the course on earning money on YouTube has: It is necessary that you have your own computer, it can be from a PC or a Mac, on the other hand it is necessary that you have a good WiFi not only to do the course but also to use YouTube.

• The classes that have the course to earn money on YouTube: There are a total of 42 classes that are scattered in 7 sections for this course.

• This course has videos in its classes so that through watching the videos you can take this course and where you only need to make your account on the Udemy page and sign up for this course.


Living from YouTube has become a profitable possibility, this is because you work virtually where many other people do it and enjoy the benefits of living for a virtual job. From YouTube, you get visibility of being able to have entertainment material for all kinds of ages and handle different types of content and material, that is why it is necessary for you to know and be clear about the fact that it is essential to have material decided and quite specific so that you can connect in a concrete way with the public to which you can approach.

Today you need to be able to implement a material of any option that you want or which you want to do. The great benefit that YouTube has is that it is a platform that has a presence in a large number of countries, that is why you will be able to have an audience with the content that you want to search for.

We hope that this article has given you the information that is necessary to be able to carry out this virtual course which we remind you that it is free and you can do it whenever you want, for the same part we also remind you that you can share this information since by spreading this article You are going to help generate many more people who are interested in being able to take this free virtual course that Udemy has.