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Learn to model and render buildings with 3ds Max

In the construction of different infrastructures or buildings, it is known because it is necessary for the construction to previously carry out the representation, structure or modeling of said buildings or constructions where said data is needed. There are different tools with which you can do the modeling and representation of buildings and for example you have what is 3ds Max and Lumion.

Today with this article we specify how you can learn more about these two tools and that is that through a free course that Udemy has you can make this learning possible. This course is carried out through said platform, it is online and we reiterate that it is free, it is only necessary to enroll in it and you can already be enjoying the knowledge that can be accessed through this course.

This course addresses these people and offers this


This is a course that has a very select group of people as its audience and in order to take this course you will need to be:

• You need to be an architect or have recently graduated.

• It is required that if you have not graduated as an architect, you can take this course as a student of this career.

• You need to be a 3d artist.

• You need to be curious about learning about the topic.

If you meet any of these four characteristics you will be able to take the course that will give you a lot of learning at the time of doing it and will help you to have more understanding of the subject.

On the other hand, we find one of the most important aspects of this course which is what is learned and with this course you will learn to:

• The interface that is handled in 3ds Max.

• The tools that are needed for 3ds Max.

• How you can learn to do modeling for buildings.

• As the 3ds Max modeling is done and with nervousness.

Those are the main points that are taught in the course but other data can be learned.

Learn more about the course


Regarding the general information of the course, we find that to complete this course there is a duration of 1 hour and 9 minutes. In total, that time is developed through 17 classes in total and with 6 sections for the classes.

Among those classes we can locate different types of content related to this topic, from the introduction, information on how to repair things in the modeling, to how 3ds Max rows can be exported, to how buildings can be modeled modern through 3ds Max, among other topics.

Actually, despite the fact that this is a free course, it is a course that has study information that will be extremely useful so that the people who take it can thus add more information to the studies they have previously or to start learning.


The rendering and modeling of buildings is very helpful through tools such as 3ds max and Lumion where priority is given to providing the aesthetic aspect in rendering and modeling that is desired to represent a building no matter what it is used for. dedicates or why it is being created.

As we mentioned in the article, this course is specifically aimed at the previously mentioned people because it provides them with a much broader learning as it is related to construction, either from architecture or other aspects related to the construction of buildings. buildings. This is a course that can be created at any time where you have much easier access than other course platforms, since creating your account to take this course you only need from an email that you use and you will be available to Proceed to register for this course.

Apart from the fact that it is a great virtual course that has an excellent rating of 4.8 stars (which is almost the full rating), as we explained, it is a free course to enjoy and take whenever you want. We have reached the final part of this article and for the same reason we want you to fulfill the objective of this course which is that you manage to complete this course and do it since it will add a lot of value to your professional career and knowledge in general of modeling and rendering for buildings with 3ds Max and Lumion.

We remind you that you can share / disseminate this article so that more people who meet the aforementioned requirements can learn about this course on modeling and representation of buildings / constructions by Udemy.