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Nail Art today has become an industry that moves millions of dollars daily around the world. What was previously just a cosmetic treatment used by adults is now an ART that has become routine and has no distinction of class, age, or even gender.

There are infinite variants of materiality, color trend or designs in these acrylic applications, many times these mark metaphors of power in each person, either by an impressive color or by a nail length that we often see as impossible to handle, but of course , it is left to the preferences of each person.

Because of these points and more, it is often very difficult to make the right decision when choosing a school or academy where they prepare you well to be a good sculpted nail professional or manicurist.


-Design theory and advanced tools for nails.

-What materials to use.

-Nail anatomy.

-Types of filing.

-Types of nails.

-Types of manicures.

-Cleaning and disinfection.


-Application of natural nails and gel manicures.

-Gel nail sculpture.

-Gel nail designs.



-Antiseptic to prevent nail fungus.

-Brush to remove the dust generated by the file.

-Cleaner to clean any dirt.

-Special pusher for cuticles.

– Gel.

-Uv lamp .

-100/180 and 150/150 files.

-Sculpting liquid or monomer.

-Acrylic building brushes and gel building brushes.

-Acrylic powder.

-Polishing file.

-Molds to create the shape of the nails.

-Enamel in transparent shades with gloss or matte finishes.

-Dappen glass, to place the monomer to be used.

Although it is a course where you must invest an amount of money to have a good education in the field, it is an undertaking that can make you generate a lot when making your work known.


You do not need years of university studies to practice in the area, many academies have basic, intermediate, advanced and specialized courses that you can take in just 1 year or less.

Although a university degree is not necessary, it is very important to study everything with reference to the subject, because it is not only a beauty service, since everything is put to the test in the hands of other people and it is essential to demonstrate neatness with the one that works for the care and health of each client’s nails and to avoid any infection or disease due to ignorance of materials, tools and nail anatomy.

The Online Manicurist Course offers the best of both worlds: the flexibility of online learning and an 80-hour internship at the salon of your choice, where you can put what you’ve learned into practice. Learning online means you can integrate learning into your life. There are no classrooms or deadlines. You are the owner of your schedule and your time. Just study when you want, at the pace that suits your life, on whatever tech device is at hand.

You can work independently, in a beauty salon, in your own business, or even creating a personal brand. It is a business with high demand anywhere in the world. Acrylic nails have a long durability and are applied in a short time to each client, that is, you can have a large clientele daily.

If you decide to be independent, the total percentage of clients belongs to you, and currently on the internet there are infinite platforms to create your personal brand, such as social networks or websites. In addition, without taking into account that you can invest in advertising on radio and television, which is a positive point, since it offers the possibility of being better known and beginning to compete with other manicurists.

The world of manicure and nail art is infinite, right?

So now that you know all the previous points to finish, we must comment that these complete online courses (Coursing from basic level to culminating in an advanced and specialized level) have a duration in general and according to the academy of 600 hours in total, speaking of approximately 80 to 150 hours each level, keeping in mind that these hours can be divided only into weekends or a few hours each day of the week if something intensive is not taken, which results in 1 month of fully intensive course or approximately 2 hours of course daily for a full year if you want something much more leisurely.

In Australia, as throughout the world, there are countless academies that teach these types of courses, some of them that we recommend due to their detailed pesum are:

– Open Colleges

– Baxter Institute

– Sunraysia Institute and Goulburn Ovens Institute.