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Master animation with Animatron University

Animation has been part of childhood, adolescence and even part of adulthood for millions of people over the years, due to this art of animation and cartoons has emerged as a profession that has been dedicated to entertainment for many decades. This is a drawing style that can be supported by fictitious figures, by real objects or by people who are around us, that said, if you are looking for where you can learn about how you can learn to make animation, today we show you where.

From one of the platforms with the most courses on the internet, with Udemy we show you a free and of course virtual course so that you can begin to explore your imagination from the expression in cartoons no matter where you are.

These are the learning points

There are many ways in which you can learn about cartoons, but if you are at home and have free time, you can take this cartoon course from Animatron University. With this course you will be able to learn multiple things in relation to cartoons, but it mainly focuses on knowing about:

• It focuses on knowing how to use and apply HTML5 to create cartoons.

• It is focused on you knowing about Animatron, the Animatron is a software that is also free to use, available for you to use your imagination when creating animation of various types, whether for fun, dedication to emotion, animation with greater appeal, among others. animation examples.

These are the two main points to be dealt with in this course, however, you can also learn more things that are relevant when you are developing a drawing and more if you are involved in an animation.

The development and information of this course

Once you have raised the main learning items to which this day is dedicated, we explain other general information data on the development of this course:

• The development to make the course: With its development, there is a composition of 4 chapters of content and one of introduction. On the other hand, this entire course accumulates a time of 6 hours and a little more (10 minutes) and in total there are 47 classes.

• The requirements to do the course: Specifying the requirements that this course has are not many, but if it is specified to have a good connection or Wi-Fi network, to understand in a basic way how browsing the internet or web works and finally You need to have a great imagination so that you can develop enough animation projects with the teaching that this course leaves you.

• The learning modality for the course: In this course you learn by watching videos where the content is explained and also answering quiz questions in this course regarding the classes.

If you want to complete this course and start today you can make it possible since from the moment you want to enroll you can start and in the same way it works to pause the course, since you can resume the course whenever you want at the point you have it left.

In the same way, if you have more doubts or questions regarding the information on this course, you can obtain all the information on this course on its website. The registration process for this course can be done at any time you have and you do not need to start the course automatically but when you can.


Digital animation helps us explore the creativity that we have from different points of view, but it is no secret to anyone that many manage to exploit their creative potential from drawings, since it is a type of art that can be based on different styles, on this case would be the style of animation and the development of drawings in a digital format that opens the way for it to be part of audiovisual projects.

Cartoons have no limit points since this type of entertainment and material can be consumed by all ages, such as children’s cartoons to cartoons dedicated to an older audience.

That is why if cartoons are of interest to you, you will be able to obtain a lot of quality knowledge without having to pay anything with this Udemy course, that is why we hope that this has been a contribution for you to enroll in this course and on complete everything to develop your work and imagination from the animations regardless of the public to which you want to deliver. We end this article by reminding you that you can spread this information so that many other people become interested in this course and take it.