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The fitness culture has taken on great relevance in recent years, thousands of sports and recreational trends have been developed that promote the health and well-being of the human being. All this has created a great demand for personnel to direct and execute these activities, which is why the search for training places dedicated to teaching the set of elements that make up the fitness industry has increased.

But you will ask yourself, what is fitness?, since it is called a general state of health and well-being, which is the result of a lifestyle that combines good nutrition, physical exercise and mental health. And like any area in life, it has its experts in charge of instructing those who do not know about this discipline, what we call personal trainers.

This is how large numbers of establishments and academies dedicated to teaching courses focused on fitness have emerged worldwide, giving their students the necessary knowledge and training them to be personal trainers.
It should be noted that in the case of Australia, there is a fitness culture with very solid foundations, making it one of the countries with the most activities of this nature and making this one of the most profitable industries. Below you will learn a little more about what this profession is about and where you can study it in Australia.


Personal trainers are fitness professionals who work with clients to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. These people evaluate the physical strengths and weaknesses of the client and develop a personalized training plan, adapted to their needs. They provide physical and psychological assistance and regularly monitor the client’s progress. They also make sure that the clients do not get hurt during the training. A personal trainer can work with an individual or a small group, giving them more personalized attention.

Among the responsibilities of a personal trainer are: assessing the patient’s health and wellness problems; monitor clients’ progress; create a personalized exercise plan and habits; make sure that the exercises are executed correctly and suggest alternatives if necessary; explain the proper use of the equipment with which they work for greater customer safety; be up-to-date on sports trends and techniques; perform CPR and provide first aid in an emergency; educate clients on healthy eating and lifestyle habits.


Certainly, taking a course to become a personal trainer brings many advantages to you, both in a personal and professional sense, here we mention some of them:

Independence: often a coach does not have a boss who sets the policies that he must follow or controls his work on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, they have quite a lot of freedom to create solutions for their clients and also to share their experiences with other trainers. They usually have 3 options, train people specifically, set up training groups outdoors or in their own physical location, or provide services for gyms and other training facilities.

Physical and mental health: being a trainer you will always be surrounded by healthy habits and you will have to be part of it if you want to be a good example and motivation for clients. Help and support others: this not only has benefits for you, but in turn you help other people to achieve their goals and transform their lives. By helping others, your self-esteem will increase thanks to the satisfaction that seeing the results of your clients will generate.

See results of your knowledge: every time your clients see results, it will be thanks to your knowledge, your dedication and motivation towards them, so you will know that it was worth studying.

Security: studying to be a trained trainer will give you job security, because both you and your clients will realize that preparation is important and that the quality of the results are different compared to those who are not certified for this job.

New knowledge: the point of the course does not have to be specifically to work on it, simply having new knowledge will benefit your lifestyle.

Opportunities: taking the course can give you other types of opportunities, whether it be traveling to sporting events internationally, being part of important organizations or teams, growing as a public figure if you focus on training through social media, and many other opportunities.

Flexible schedule: Another benefit is that you can control your schedule, unless you work at the gym as an employee, keeping schedule. However, most prefer to work independently and work with clients at the gym or at home. The latter allows them to negotiate availability with customers.


Australia is one of the countries that is most interested in sports activities and in leading a healthy life, which is why you can find many institutions that grant personal trainer certificates, offering high quality content, modalities adjusted to the lifestyle of highly recognized certifications. Among the most outstanding are:

*Australian Fitness Academy.

*Clean Health Fitness Institute.

*Australian Institute of Fitness.

*Australian Learning Group.

*Onfit Training College.

*Go Study Australia.

*Personal Training Academy.