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Protect your life and learn self defense about weapons in this course

The circumstances in which we can find ourselves being threatened or attacked with a firearm have become much more probable and latent since access to weapons has become possible for any citizen. And for this reason, the innate need to be able to find forms of protection against these risk situations has arisen.

If you need to learn how to defend yourself before the situation of an attacker with a firearm, you can find the necessary forms of free training through this article, because we explain a course that is being posted on the Udemy page so that all people who want to learn to defend themselves against firearms no matter where they are without having to pay for the training, since this course is not paid.

You will learn these about self-defense against an attacker with a weapon

Through this course you will obtain the training that is needed to apply protection to your life when it is placed at risk by a firearm, there are several methods of protection that is why this course mainly instructs you regarding:

• Master how you can neutralize the most common firearm attacks encountered.

• It explains how to master / disarm the attack from different points or perspectives to knock down or remove the firearm.

• Helps you to understand and learn the techniques that are necessary to understand personal self-defense, threats by firearms and the aggressions that can be suffered by a firearm.

• You are also helped to understand the importance of tactical training in these types of circumstances.

Mainly that is what is taught with this course for self-defense against firearms, however in this course you will be able to learn more about it so that you are aware of how you should react to these circumstances. In the same way, for this course you only have to make your registration, which requires only registering on Udemy using an electronic hitman that belongs to you so that you can create your account and access this course for free.

Know the most important data of this course

Basically with this course you are taught to receive a training that is used in a military way for personal care and protection through defense.

That is why no previous experience is required for this course, but if you are going to need a (toy) firearm to be able to practice the self-defense techniques and other types of equipment that are described in this course so that you understand that you need.

This is a course that has multiple lessons and all of them are developed and add up to 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the entire course. Specifically there are 14 lessons – classes, but they take place between two sections of the self-advocacy of this course.

You can learn more about this self-defense course against firearms at the time you enroll in this course, since Udemy makes it clear to you each of the data

that this course has as the content of the course before starting to you find out if you want to take this course or not.


Unfortunately, there is more and more possession of weapons and access to them in a simple way that are not always used for protection purposes but for the attack of people, that is why today in the world in which we live it is required to be al tantl and have at least preparation for these situations, certainly when we find ourselves in a situation of high adrenaline, there are times when a paralysis of fear can arise but with this course you will be able to learn how to defend yourself and save not only your life but also also the lives of people around you.

We can find ourselves in this situation for a robbery, robbery or kidnapping towards us and that is why it has become a necessity to know how defects in these circumstances where it is about protecting our lives.

That said, we hope that this article has helped you to complete this course and thus be able to provide security to yourself regardless of the circumstance. Do not hesitate to take this course but remember that self-defense should be applied as a last resort and when necessary, if you can first flee from the risk circumstance, do not hesitate.

Remember that this information helps save and protect lives, so spread this article so that many other people start receiving this free training from home

thanks to Udemy to be alert to possible attackers who want to threaten you or attack you with a weapon.