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Start your online business with Shopify in less than a week

With the help of the internet, thousands of virtual businesses are generated daily, this is because in trying to provide access so that people can sell products and that other people can buy them. With this article we show you how you can create your business – online commerce possible with little time, since with Shopify and Products List Genie you will make this business possible.

So with this article we will inform you about the free course that Udemy has so that you understand how to have an online business without so many complications and in a simple way. With this course you will be learning about what Shopify and Products List Genie offer and how to implement both in your virtual business so that you can be successful without having to pay for education.

The course to learn how to have your business online

As in any course, when we want to take a course it is because of the benefits that are obtained at the end of the course from the knowledge to the tools that are used to apply in your life and in this case that would be in your virtual business. That is why here we make the list of the learning that this course promises:

• It teaches you and explains how Shopify works, what it will do to help you have your business online and, above all, that you have an understanding of how to use it productively.

• It teaches you and explains how Products List Genie works, what it will do to help you have your business online and, above all, that you have an understanding of how to use it productively.

• With this course you will have complete knowledge of how Shopify and Products List Genie are used together to be able to have a great online business.

This course specifies that it only takes exactly 5 days to create your online business, therefore in less than a week you will start to have a consolidated business of what you want.

This course accumulates an excellent score that exceeds 4 stars out of 5 and where in general it has managed to meet all its expectations in the students who take the course.

General points of the course

Other points of knowledge that you have to take into account about this course is that you are not required to have previous experience in this type of business or using the applications mentioned in the course (Shopify and Products List Genie).

On the other hand, the course shows that Shopify is a paid application but you are offered 14 days of free use and with respect to Products List Genie, you are only offered 3 days of free use. And that for Products List Genie you will receive an invitation to join a Facebook group that will help you get to know Products List Genie much better.

In order for you to take this course, it will be necessary for you to invest a total of 1 hour and 38 minutes to complete this course, however, this is a course in which, as it is done on Udemy, you can access it whenever you want and stop it at any time. Since it has 7 sections to do with a total of 31 classes throughout the development of this course.

If you want to do this course, you only need to provide an email that you use which will help you create your account in this course and from the rest you can access the course whenever and however you can.


Having an online business, as we have explained to you in Shopify and Products List Genie, is not that complicated and in fact it is a process that more and more people are doing. This is because on the internet there is a large amount of buying and selling of products on the internet where physical contact is not necessary to be able to make sales.

Through this course you will be able to carry out all the steps that are necessary for you to carry out your trade – business – locally in a virtual way and without having to leave your home in order to generate economic income for your family and you in general.

With this course in an exciting way you will be able to understand everything you need for an online business from the help provided by this course to make it possible through Products List Genie and Shopify since, as we mentioned, this course suggests that the business can be done in just 5 days very easy dedication, very accessible for people who want to run a business of this type.

At this point in the article we hope that all this information that we have compiled about this course on Udemy for your online business quickly helps you to complete this article where you will quickly start generating profits. Before concluding, we mention that you can spread the word about this article and share it, making more people aware of it.