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Take your first piano lessons for free

The piano, the keyboard or the organ, is an instrument that we can find in a large majority of songs regardless of the musical genre. The piano has provided different types of musical content to be performed and provided, that is why many people learn to play the piano and apply it for personal learning to enjoy the piano as a hobby or it is also learned to be implemented from a more professional appearance and devote himself to playing the piano.

With the piano there are endless possibilities in music and if you are looking for how to take your first piano lessons, with this article we show you an ideal course for all those people who are starting to play the piano or want to learn. We show you an Udemy course, which you can complete for free whenever and wherever you want.

This includes piano lessons

With this course you will be able to learn many lessons and things that you need to know about the piano, right now we show you below the things with which you will be able to learn by taking this course:

• This piano course teaches you at least the structure of at least 88 notes that are used on the piano or keyboard you have at home.

• This piano course teaches you to know about the differences between the types of pianos / keyboards and how you can make the purchase or acquire the piano that is most suitable for you.

• This baking course teaches you what the panorama is (from a general point of view) of what the piano occupies and represents in all music.

As you can read, this course not only teaches you the musical aspects of how to play the piano, but also professional points, theory, etc. of what the piano is taught throughout this Udemy course.

Other information about this piano course

In order for you to take this course, you need to have a piano which does not necessarily have to be professional but you can use the piano you have at home, an organ or a keyboard. However, you can buy one for you to start learning your piano lessons.

With this piano course, it is found that more than 22,000 (twenty-two thousand) people who have taken this piano course and have managed to learn about the piano, so much so that it has a solid 4.5 star rating.

Although this course teaches you many things, it has an extremely short duration because the course takes place in 31 minutes throughout 13 classes in 4 sections. In the sections there is an introduction / welcome to the piano course so that you begin to understand what or what are the points that will be developed in this piano course.

Much of the content found in this course is about: the types of pianos that exist and their main differences, what are the white notes, what are the black notes, there are twelve tones in the piano, among others in where there is also a conclusion at the end of this course of piano lessons. On the website of this course you can expand the information and learn about the sections (specifically) that this piano course has.


The learning that a piano has in your life to be of multiple uses, this is because you can instruct piano classes in the future if you wish or it is true that you can continue learning and expanding your knowledge by learning on the piano to being able to play at events, in public places or continue creating expansion of knowledge through continuous practices.

The benefit of this course is that apart from the fact that it is free, you will be able to reproduce the course as many times as you want so that you obtain the necessary practice and agility that is required with the piano.

With the piano there are thousands of melodies, songs, etc., that can be played. In fact, this is an instrument that has come to the fore for everything it has given and continues to give to music without being stuck in the genre of piano cñassical music, since with the piano you can make adaptations to different musical styles that contribute to the songs and their composition.

We hope that this article has given you enough clarity of information to learn about this free piano course that Udemy has, however we remind you that there may be many more people interested in this course and therefore you can share and spread this article so that more people know him and learn to play the piano.