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The basics in programming and coding for beginners

Today programming and coding are used for many different purposes on the internet. Where this course is dedicated to many people being able to learn about what programming and coding consist of, that is why today this article will show you about a course that is on the Udemy platform and that is also free.

This is a course that is done virtually and even though it is on the Udemy platform, it is a course for which you do not have to pay and you can consume from anywhere you are, since the platform of Udemy has the availability that you access it with an electronic device that has access to a good Wi-Fi network.

This is what you will learn in this course

Programming and coding are two points of work that are carried out electronically and, in particular, this course offers the opportunity to generate certain learning points, these learning points are:

• This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to create different types of data, such as: null data, integer data, string and boolean data, data not to mix, among others.

• This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to create lists where data is stored in a sheet for assistance.

• This course gives you the opportunity to learn about conditional statements that are made to know the right decisions.

• This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to create For Loops so that objectives can be repeated until the task is achieved.

• This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to create the different functions to be repetitively different tasks and in the commands that you want to establish.

• This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to make / create different variables that are used for data storage and how they are used to be necessary.

For this course you can find many other important data that are learned in said course and therefore a good amount of study is generated where it is about the data. In this course you have the opportunity to access the course as we mentioned without price, however, there are several classes to obtain.

General information about this course

With the support and help that this course has, it is generated through a total of fourteen classes. In most of the classes that are held in this present course, they are classes dedicated to treating and explaining each of the different fundamentals that programming and coding have, however, mention is also made in a class about what these concepts mean for that you understand them well before putting it into use and practice.

Speaking from the point of view that is marked in the requirements, it is that firstly it is not mandatory or necessary that you have any kind of knowledge either in data programming or data coding and in the second point is that if you have with knowledge in the basic area of computing and tools that are applied such as: knowing how to navigate between pages or websites, knowing how to open and save documents correctly, knowing how to use certain programs, among other types of knowledge that, as you can see, are basic things and if you have a computer you have probably already applied those computer skills.

From the web page of this course it is easy for you to register for this course, which is very simple and is generally a very brief process that is carried out to register as a student on the Udemy website and thus enter this course whenever you want.


This course is really provided to present different details according to what is known about the coding data that is carried out in a large number of works, where this course can be participated by many people who are studying at the university, the people who they are interested in learning about what coding is like and also to learn many other people who are engaged in office work where coding data is used a lot or can be implemented.

And it is that if you have reached this point in the article, we hope that the information will be useful to you to be able to study and enroll in this course that helps all those people who are beginners (at no cost) to be able to know what it really is the coding and the points that were previously exposed in this article.

Precisely for this reason, we hope that you manage to be part of this course and even that you can spread this information so that more people around you and in general can be aware of this course that supports beginners is able to take this course.