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This course will take you into the world of photography.

For decades, there has been a lot of use of photography since thanks to that photography moments are captured and make them last much longer than just the mind, but at the same time photography is an art to which if you are interested in dedicating yourself today day this article will be very useful for you because we will be showing you everything about the course to the introduction of photography that a very famous platform has available that you have surely heard of since it is called Udemy.

You should already know that this course is free, you do not have to pay anything at any time for this course, you just have to create an account on the Udemy platform to enroll in the course or log in if you have already taken courses in Udemy.

The points of this photography course.

First of all, this photography course is a course that will help you learn about photography since this course is a very complete introduction so that you can begin to acquire more knowledge about photography in a better way, in a professional way.

This free photography course has several objective points so you know what you are going to learn and with this course you will know about:

• You will know the basics of how cameras work and many of their techniques. With the techniques he refers to the settings of various AF modes, the resolution of the camera and the AF points.

• You will know the best ten tips that the instructor of this course gives you so that you can frame the photos in an adequate way so that it covers everything, follow the rule of thirds, of the fundamental lines and even the way to look in the backgrounds of a photograph.

• You’ll know what makes photos brighter or suddenly darker. And so it explains how you can control the exposure, the histogram graphs. You look at them in different ways to metering, exposure compensation, among others.

• You will know what depth and opening are in the field, how you can apply, understand and control it.

The requirement of this course is that you have a professional camera of any kind so you can practice.

Other information about this photography course.

Although this course is an introduction, it has a total of 10 classes, where it gives a total of 2 hours of study with a duration of about thirty-six minutes.

In this course you will be able to learn about the following contents that this photography course handles, which are: The concept of a camera lens, the concept of lighting, the concept of shutter speed, the concept of exposure in photography, the concept of basic photography, the concept of composition in photography, the opening and depth of a field, about the practice of photography, among other concepts.

This course is aimed at all people who are interested in photography and who somehow or another do not know how to start or what is the first thing they need to learn about photography to begin to understand it and take better photographs. Let’s remember that photography is a very wide and extensive area of work that you will always have to take pictures of, this is because you can do it for brands and their advertising, for personal contracts at public or private events or to dedicate yourself to company photography. nature, among other examples.

This course ensures that you do not need to know anything about photography since the idea / purpose of this course is that you can start in photography and that this course fulfills its objective which is that you are encouraged to start this course if you are interested. Even so, if you do not have a camera, perhaps this is the right opportunity for you to choose one that you can buy and this is within your reach so that you can take this free photography course.

This course is available for you to take at the time you want and you can consume the study material as and when you want.


We have already finished this article which we have written with the objective that all the information that we have compiled is helpful for you and that you can study in this course that is the introduction to photography so that you can take full advantage of your course and of your camera by taking more and better pictures.

Finally also do not forget that this information can be of help to someone else and that you can create more diffusion of this article and share it