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Understand attachment and its 4 types in relationships

Attachment is an emotional state that you have surely been in at some point, but there are really many types of attachment that can start with a material or a romantic attachment to someone, an attachment to friends or family, etc. But it is very important to know and recognize attachment because only in this way can we notice how to create healthier relationships without the foolishness of creating an emotional attachment, because emotional dependence excites attachment and there is a very fine line that can be crossed easily and make us endure even humiliating situations towards us in order not to lose the relationship.

Many people do not realize the importance of recognizing and knowing the types of attachment that exist, so for you to know the types of attachments, we show you a free mini course on Udemy that shows you everything you need to know about this course.

What you are taught about attachment in this mini course

What this mini Udemy course has is that it has many of which you can be learning, that is why it is necessary that you do it if you want to know the following things:

• Know about what originates or where the four types of attachments come from.

• Learn more about the type of attachment that is safe.

• Know about the type of attachment that is avoidant – fearful / about being disorganized.

• Learn about the type of attachment that is dismissive.

• Know about 5 characteristics of a person who is emotionally mature.

• Know about 3 pillars that are needed for a healthy intimacy.

• Know and learn about healthy relationships so you can have healthy relationships.

Those are some learning objects that you get and deal with in this course but there are more things to learn throughout this free – online mini-course.

Learn more about this course

If you want to do this course and you agree that it is a course that can add a lot of value to your relationships, another to avoid attachment and recognize it, there are many other data that you can learn in this course and those are:

– In requirements: No specific requirements are needed or requested other than to have an open mind and heart to know about attachment since that way you will even be able to recognize if you are in a relationship with attachment.

– In duration: To do this course you will need a total time of 45 minutes with 3 sections and 8 classes between all the sections of this course where the first one is dedicated to the introduction of the course.

– To whom the course is addressed: To take this course you do not need to be or have certain characteristics other than having the desire to learn and the

interest in knowing about the personal relationships that we can have, understanding much more about our own development in relationships and so.

– In characteristics: This course has characteristics such as a good rating thanks to the students since it has 4.7 stars / 5 stars. Exactly 1,246 (one thousand two hundred and forty-six) people from various parts of the world have been involved in this course.


Throughout our lives we ourselves without realizing it can create relationships and coexistence that is really based on a strong emotional attachment and regardless of what we find ourselves being hurt in this relationship, the attachment can be so strong that it makes us stay there. .

And it is that attachment goes hand in hand with habit and once we are accustomed to someone or a group of people it will be incalculably difficult for us to be able to determine to what extent the relationship is healthy if a bond of attachment has been created. deep.

Attachment can be recognized and it is always necessary to take it into account for the reasons that we have explained to you, since attachment can also give rise to emotional dependence on someone determined or idealized by ourselves.

Before we conclude this article, we would like to express that we want you to complete this course if it has interested you, since that is the objective / goal of this article so that you begin to have much healthier relationships in your life, not necessarily with a partner, but that this can also be seen related to friends

and family as mentioned above. However, we also remind you that you can spread this information and help more people complete this Udemy course to learn more about attachment and its types.