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You only need 45 days to learn to play the piano

The piano is an instrument that has been given to concerts due to the large amount of music that can be generated with them, where, without a doubt, a mental ability to play is developed, as well as a physical one, since you will only need to give your fingers agility to start playing play the piano.

And it is that today on the internet you can learn everything and learning to play the piano has not been the exception, since we show you in this article a course that is free and is done online so that in just 45 days which is equal to just over a month, you can learn to play this instrument from your home and your comforts.

We mention that this course is carried out thanks to Udemy, which is the platform that offers this course which is divided into two parts, today we explain the first part of this piano course.

This you will learn in 45 days

This is how this course promotes and promises, that you will be able to learn to play the piano in a fluid way with the dedication of 45 continuous days, now, what will I learn during those 45 days? Right here we mention the objectives that are met by completing this free piano course:

• You will learn to place the position and the technique that is necessary to play the piano correctly.

• You will learn to play several chords that are basic to playing the piano.

• You will receive a training to be able to enter the ears and you will be able to understand more the music.

• You will learn to know the fundamentals for reading sheet music.

• You will learn the names that the chords have.

Among other points that are learning from this course, you will be able to know it when you enroll in this piano course, where this is the first part of this course where if you wish you can find out about the other part of the course on Udemy.

On the other hand, this course does not have many requirements and which we will be talking about later.

Learn more about this piano course on Udemy

With this course you will need to meet certain requirements which are very simple to meet and that is that first of all, as you can imagine, you need to have a piano, it does not necessarily have to be a professional piano since you can count on the piano you have in your house.

On the other hand, we find that it is necessary to have a computer, a tablet or a cell phone that you have at your disposal that has WiFi access so that you can have access to this course.

In this course there is a total duration of one hour together with forty minutes, where a total of 20 classes and 4 sections are carried out. As it is done virtually, you can complete it and you can even repeat it (sections and classes) without any limit, therefore you are reminded in this course that if you have not managed to understand any class or section, you ask to repeat it as many times as you want necessary for your learning to be assured.

In the same way, if you liked this course, you can keep repeating it (or go to part two) which will make you feel much better and with much more confidence and practice when you find yourself playing the piano as you progress in the classes. .

To access this course, you will only need to register on the Udemy platform, which is a very fast process so that you can register on said platform.


The piano is characterized by being an elegant and voluptuous instrument, because regardless of the type of piano, they are quite large instruments which require adequate and mostly large space to be located. There are many types of piano and among them we highlight the grand piano that is among the largest, there are also those called organs, others also called keyboards, among several other types of pianos that exist today.

The piano, whatever its presentation, provides presence and provides music that is pleasant to the ears, the piano is known for providing an environment regardless of emotions and sensations because it can express warmth to even a feeling and a sense of suspense.

That is why if you are interested in learning to play the piano, you will not waste time since there are many people who not only learn to play as a hobby but also teach to play this instrument, for the same reason we hope that you will be able to complete this course and that this information collected about this course to play the piano in 45 days has been of use to you, do not forget that you can spread this information and make this course known to more people.